Teeth Whitening

A bright, beautiful smile can dramatically improve an individual’s appearance in addition to enhancing his or her self-confidence. Dr. Michael Cooper offers safe and effective tooth whitening at his practice in Russellville, Arkansas, serving patients from Little Rock, throughout the state, and beyond. Take-home teeth whitening kits offer dazzling results and are among the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatments.


 Take-home Teeth Whitening

Our take-home teeth whitening gives patients the opportunity to whiten their teeth in the comfort of their own homes. This teeth whitening method can lighten teeth by up to six shades. The take-home trays are filled with tooth whitening gel and are worn at night for approximately one to two weeks in order to achieve the desired results. Patients can keep their take-home trays and whitening gel so that they can touch up their results at any time if necessary.

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